Female guards step into a male territory

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Aug 30, 2018

When women take charge, they mean business. This is no feminist rant — this is what most society managements in Dwarka feel now. And they have been hiring female security guards to beef up security and also keep a check on the activities of domestic helps.

Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) like United Apartments and DPS apartments in Sector 4, and Sanmati Apartments in Sector 6 already have a female security guard working with them during the day time.

According to the management of these societies, female guards have been deployed to keep an eye on maids and female workers entering the societies.

Secretary of Sanmati Apartments, SK Mishra, said, “On a daily basis, about 20 domestic helps entire our premises. The presence of a female guard has helped us a lot in handling them. They are also very tactful and polite in handling difficult situations.

Another female guard has been working efficiently at United Apartments for the past two months. Speaking to City Spidey, DV Sardana, President of the society, said, “It was getting extremely difficult for us to manage 30-odd maids working here on a daily basis. The addition of the female guard has not only strengthened our security system but also decreased the incidence of thefts.”

These female security guards are fully trained and experienced, and have been working in the field for some time.

Geeta Kumari, a female guard presently working at Sanmati Apartments, was earlier working at the airport. She has been working in the field of security service for three years now. “Working in a society is a totally different experience and I am enjoying it thoroughly. It feels good to be appreciated,” said Geeta.

Geeta Kumari

The Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies is also promoting the concept of hiring female guards. Secretary of Federation and a resident of Diamond Square Apartments, Sector 6, V Selvarajan said, “This is a very good move. We totally support such initiatives. In fact, we advise that all the societies should at least employ one female guard during the day time.”

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