Noida: Snakes enter societies in search of habitat after felling of forest trees

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Aug 30, 2018

The wildlife at the forest of Sector-91 has taken a big hit after the chopping of trees for development of a biodiversity park. Residents of nearby societies are complaining that animals are now searching for new habitat.

They are reporting repeated cases of snakes entering into their societies.

“The lives of many residents are at stake after the chopping of trees for development of the park. The animals are now looking for their new homes. It is the main reason behind snakes entering the society premises,” a resident said.  

The nearby residents are constantly protesting against the felling of trees for the park. They have already said that the forest area should be kept intact. “The authority should first maintain the other parks instead of developing new ones,” residents said.

The residents also questioned the authority’s decision to plant Eucalyptus trees in 1986-87. They said that there was no point in planting Eucalyptus trees when it has been scientifically proved that the tree absorbs more water than any other tree.

When we put forward these questions to the officials of Noida Authority, they remain silent or try to divert the question.

Nikhat Tyagi, a resident of ATS Greens Village, a residential society in Sector-93A told City Spidey that residents of any society or sectors prefer to visit the parks located within the society or within the sectors because they feel safe there. There is no sense in developing a park instead of the forest. Who is going to visit and why?

“In the master plan of 2021, the land is dedicated for the forest. In the draft of the master plan 2031, the land is chosen for the park but it has not been approved as of now. So, the question is that how the authority is making the park instead of the forest without any approval. NCR planning department is yet to give approval,” Tyagi said.

Tyagi also said that the authority has chopped the trees during the night. The remaining part of trees like stem, roots are also sent to other places during the night.

“The authority first issued the tender for cutting the trees. The second tender was for taking plant saplings. The third was for the maintenance of the plant and many more. It is only a money making exercise,” Tyagi said.

The Noida Authority was apathetic to animals. They did not think about the animals. They did not bother to think about their lost habitat when they cut trees. Now, it is a real worry whether those animals will return back to the forests or not.

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