More than Rs 30 lakhs in forest dept coffers for trees felled at Sec 91 park

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Aug 30, 2018

The felled trees from the proposed bio-diversity park in Sector 91, Noida, are being sent to a Delhi-based construction company, Rudra Construction. It is also carrying out the felling.

The company won a bid by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department held in Khurja, UP.   

PK Srivastava, District Forest Officer of Gautam Budh Nagar, confirmed the same to City Spidey. The bid was for felling of 3,000 standing trees.

Stayavir Singh, the company’s site in-charge officer, said, “We won the auction,  and paid Rs 33 lakh plus 18% GST and Rs 60,000 of stamp duty and some other transaction fees to the government. This is the first time we have undertaken such type of work.”

But the contract has led to losses for us, Singh said.

“The trees are being sold in the mandi [wholesale market]. The weight of the eucalyptus trees is usually less than 10 kg. The average weight from one tree is around 3 to 4 quintal, and we are selling at Rs 211 per quintal. So, for 3,000 trees [12,000 quintal], we are making Rs 25,32,000. So, as you can see, the company is losing out,” explained Singh.

According to Rajender Kumar, Deputy Director of Horticulture of Noida Authority, said, “We want the approval for 3,909 trees, but only 3,000 trees have been allowed to be cut down. We’ll only take down eucalyptus trees.”

However, the company admitted to felling five babool trees as well.

Also, the letter in which the forest department gives permission mentions "standing trees of different types". 


The letter from the forest department




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