Dwarka: Park in Sector 10 lies in utter neglect
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Dwarka: Park in Sector 10 lies in utter neglect

The park has an open gym installed inside but the residents cannot use it because of the lack of cleanliness.

Dwarka: Park in Sector 10 lies in utter neglect

The park in front of Suruchi and Rohit Apartments in Sector 10, Dwarka, is in a state of neglect.

The iron gate, which was recently installed, has been broken making it easier for stray animals to enter the park. Footpaths are badly damaged. No steps have been taken to stop littering in the park.

The park, which is situated adjacent to Prabhavi Apartments and Venkateshwar International School in Sector 10, used to be a favourite of the residents earlier. But now it lies in a dilapidated condition.  

Former president of Prabhavi Apartments, Suresh Rituparna, said, “The park is in a deplorable condition as no steps are being taken for its maintenance. The authority should take requisite steps for its cleanliness.”

Although the park has several swings, slides, parallel bars, and an open gym installed inside, people still do not want to use it because of the lack of cleanliness. The park is full of wild grass as no gardening work has been done in the recent past.

The open gym equipment installed inside the park still have their plastics covers on, as no one wants to exercise there. “The disturbing part is that the authorities did not even bother to clean the park before installing the new equipment. We urge SDMC to maintain the park so that people can exercise in the lap of nature,” said Ritika Singh, a resident of the area.

The park comes under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and according to residents, the corporation is not at all serious about its upkeep. Former president of Rohit Apartments, Sector 10, YC Rishi, said, “We have complained to the corporation several times about the sorry state of the park but they are yet to take any action.  Nobody wants to enter this park anymore. The least they can do is clean up the grass and repair the damaged equipment.”

Speaking to City Spidey, Director, Press Information, SDMC, Radha Krishan, said that the maintenance work would be carried out soon at the park.