TALKING POINT: Commercial motive behind felling of trees for eco-park in Noida

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Aug 31, 2018

City Spidey had a detailed conversation with an environmentalist Vikrant Tongad over the felling of forest trees for development of bio-diversity park in Sector-91 in Noida.

He talked about the Noida Authority’s decision to develop bio-diversity park in a forest area.

Tongad explained that disturbing the eco-system of the forest may have dangerous repercussions.

The environmentalist has already knocked the door of the National Green Tribunal against the large-scale chopping of trees.

He told that the move is neither beneficial for the nearby residents nor to the animals who have already lost their habitat.

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Vivek Pratap Shahi

Posted one year ago

Trees are our life. We are destroy our life's to make our life to live better and comfortable but this is difficult to understand how this is possible without trees.