I’puram: Residents of Ashiana Greens, Amba Residency regularly spar over road

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Sep 02, 2018

A public road passing through Ashiana Greens and Amba Residency in Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram has become a bone of contention between both the societies.

The Amba Residency has not received fire NOC from the department because one side of the 18-meter wide road was encroached and illegally surrounded by Ashiana Greens as a parking lot for its residents. This road is the only way to reach the Amba Residency.

“Fire department didn’t give us NOC as the fire vehicle would not pass through the road because of encroachment,” said President of AOA, KK Singh.

Singh also said that ambulance and other emergency services also find it difficult to reach the societies.

“To encroach the road, Ashiana had installed metallic gate at its entry and closed it with a metal grill boundary just where the flats ended,” he added.

On April 11, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) sent its enforcement team to clear out the road. The team demolished the gate and metal grill and cleared out the vehicles from the road amidst resistance from Ashiana residents.

Four months after, the status quo of encroachment is still intact.

“The GDA team did not finish the work completely. Apart from the gate and boundary, the divided and metal grills on it were also to be demolished, which didn’t happen," he said.

"The residents started parking their cars on the side of divider from the next day of demolition. Also, in resentment, they have started eve teasing against our female residents," said Ruchi Sapra, General Secretary of Amba AOA.

“Scuffles have happened at several occasions because of their behavior,” Singh said.

Singh had written a letter to GDA which was forwarded by its vice president Ritu Maheshwari to ADM city Himanshu Gautam. Gautam ordered GDA’s OSD VK Singh to look into the matter. VK Singh is currently on leave.

Apart from it, they also complained of the lack of streetlight and bad condition of the road. The road passing through Ashiana meets a dead end just after Amba. The road is concretised till the periphery of Aashiana. Beyond that, it is not concretised and full of potholes.

“The absence of streetlight benefits the anti-social elements. Incidents of chain snatching often happens here,” Singh said.

"We have complained to the GDA as even after levying taxes, we have not been provided proper road and lighting in front of our society," he added.

Ahinsa Khand II comes under Zone-5 of GDA. Executive Engineer AK Singh said that the matter has come to his notice and action will be taken soon.

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