Dwarka: ‘Irani Gang’ targets women with jewelleries; ACP cautions people

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Sep 04, 2018

On Monday morning, a lady in her fifties finished her morning walk and walked out of the park. Just when she stepped out of the park, she was approached by three people who claimed that they were from the police. They convinced the lady that the jewellery that she wore was not safe for her. The lady handed over her gold bangles to them. Soon, they fled from the place.

It was only after a couple of minutes that the lady realised that her gold bangles have been taken away from her. Taken aback by the incident, her husband, Vijay Sehrawat, decided to raise the issue with police in a WhatsApp group.

Sahrawat wrote, “The incident happened close to Vandana International School. Four young guys presented themselves as Delhi Police officials in civil dress. They asked my wife to remove gold bangles. Thereafter, somehow after convincing her they took away her gold bangles. A report has been registered in the Sector-10 police station. Such incidents are increasing day by day. There is a need for strict action against these cases.”

This was not the only incident of this kind. A couple of more such kinds of incidents have also happened in the area. But, it was not reported out of fear.

However, one such kind of incidents was also reported in February 2018. A resident of Sector-3, Shivani Singh, was approached by a person when she was walking just outside her society gate. The man advised her to be careful with her jewellery. Soon, she was approached by two other men on the bike.

They said that they are from the senior citizen cell of Delhi Police and asked her to remove her jewellery and put it in the bag. All the three persons showed their I-Cards with a logo of police to gain the trust of her.

She shared, “When they showed the cards with a logo of Delhi Police, I got convinced. But, I asked them that I don’t have any jewellery then why they were asking about that. Then, the older one who stopped me first said that I had a gold bangle in hand. This was surprising that I had only one bangle in my one hand and he noticed that. This made me a bit alert because that bangle was almost hidden in my hand. I was surprised how that person noticed that.”

“Somehow I removed the bangle from my hand as I presumed that they were police personnel. As soon as I was removing it to put in my bag one of the persons on the bike snatched it. I resisted with my full strength for which they were not ready. Somehow the bangle fell down and they fled from the spot. I was able to save myself and the bangle. But the situation was serious and dangerous,” she added.

At that time, some more incidents happened in the Sector-7 and Sector-22 areas. During one of the incidents, they took away the chain of a lady. In another incident, they made an unsuccessful attempt and somehow the lady got escaped.

But, after a gap of four months, the gang has become active again and such kinds of incidents are coming to the notice of people. Victims are sharing their experiences with their friends so that they get alert about such kinds of incidents.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dwarka, Rajender Singh said, “A case of cheating has been registered at the police station in Dwarka South. We are working on it.”

The ACP added, “The suspects pose themselves as police officers and dupe the innocent victim to snatch their gold ornaments. They originally hail from Central India and called as “Irani Gang.” They look close to a policeman. They mostly target old-age women.”

“I appeal to the community people to spread awareness about the modus operandi of these cases so that such kinds of incidents may get averted. Also, inform police of any such movement in the area. In past, several such groups have been arrested by us and still, we are working on these groups who are temporarily putting up in Noida and Nizamuddin area,” said ACP.

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