GDA visits the site of the disputed divider in Ahinsa Khand II

By A.J Srivastava
Posted: Sep 07, 2018

The 18-m-wide public road has,  since long, been the bone of contention between Amba Residency and Ashiana Greens in Ahinsa Khand II. However, a resolution looks imminent, as a GDA enforcement team — led by Executive Engineer Anil Kumar Singh — visited the site today and asked the residents to provide a list of issues they are facing.  

City Spidey had earlier reported that a public road passing through the two societies was wrongfully encroached upon by Ashiana Greens by constructing a divider in the middle and then installing an iron grille on it. The extended divider acted like a boundary of sorts allowing Ashiana Greens residents to park their car on both sides.

They then put up a board with Ashiana Greens written on it at the start of the divider making it look like an entry almost, but to a public road.



The enforcement team today said it would take down the board.  

However, the issue of the divider with an iron grille on it continues to be the grounds for war.  The GDA team, residents complained, seemed uncertain about razing the divider.

“This grille makes residents Ashiana Greens feel like it is a part of their society and they can park on both sides. The structure has to be removed to stop them from thinking so. Even earlier, the GDA had attempted to clear the road of parked vehicles, but from the very next day, the cars were back — this was possible because of that structure!” explained a resident, who didn’t want to be named.

Four months ago, the GDA had demolished the gate and a metal boundary, but left the divider and the grille.

Singh from the GDA felt that more than the issue of the divider it was a clash of egos between the two parties.

“All roads have dividers. Also, I don’t think that removal of the grille would discourage Ashiana residents from parking their vehicles there. It’s just their egos, and we can’t do much about it,” he added.

While the divider erected by Ashiana Greens was the main grouse, the residents also brought to fore the issue of absence of streetlights.  

Singh said the survey report will be tabled soon before Ritu Maheshwari, GDA vice-chairman.

“We will act as and when the VC directs,” he confirmed.


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