SDMC fails to implement its own rules on waste management in Dwarka
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SDMC fails to implement its own rules on waste management in Dwarka

In 2016, the authority had issued a notice to RWAs that they would only lift garbage if it was properly segregated and labelled, but the residents say nothing has been done so far.

SDMC fails to implement its own rules on waste management in Dwarka

Even after two years of issuing a notice enlisting new rules and regulations for waste management, segregation and composting to be followed in residential societies of Dwarka, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is yet to make a start.

In 2016, the SDMC had issued a notice to RWAs, management of DDA pockets and market associations in Dwarka saying that going forward the corporation will only collect garbage from the gate of residential complexes, provided it is properly segregated into three parts – ‘bio-degradable,’, ‘non-biodegradable,’ and ‘domestic hazardous.’

However, residents say nothing has been done so far to call the pilot project a success even for a single society.

Shashi Ranjan, a resident of Sector 18, said, “The notice was issued on April 22, 2016 mentioning no garbage would be lifted without segregation from May 1, 2016, and the violators would be prosecuted according to the law. But the corporation is still struggling to make it work even in a single society.”

The circular also asked the residents to segregate and store garbage in three separate bins labelled as bio-degradable, non-biodegradable and domestic hazardous before handing it over to authorised garbage collectors. It also stated that only kitchen waste would be collected daily and dry waste would be collected after every three days.

But the RWAs say that that the authority has done nothing to make people understand the rules properly. President of Ganpati Apartments, KS Bhati, said they have never been approached by SDMC to ensure that the process is on the right track.

He further added that the system is not fully equipped to make the concept a success at the ground level. “It was a mere formality and just paperwork. Even after a couple of years, we are still at the point where we started from,” added Bhati.

The circular also advised people to wrap sanitary pads and diapers in wrapping material provided by the manufacturers before throwing them in dustbins. It also listed separate guidelines on storing and disposing horticulture and building material wastes.

Debashish Baghchi, president of Defence Officers Apartments in Sector 4, said, “It was a good initiative, but SDMC could not carry it forward. We started segregating the waste at our end but they used to mix it again before lifting. What is the purpose of making the community aware of such rules when the authorities do not have a proper system in place to carry them forward.”

The notification also mentioned that composting would be started in neighbourhood parks for kitchen waste. But nothing has been done yet.

A member of management of Surya Apartments in Sector 6, Brijesh Singh, said that no initiative for composting has been taken in his area. He added that SDMC had given two dustbins for the waste segregation but they failed to manage it at their own end.

Recently in a WhatsApp group of Dwarka Ward 38S, Deputy Commissioner of Najafgarh Zone, SDMC, Vishwendra Singh, had announced that there were plans to construct 26 waste segregation centres in Dwarka Ward 38S. He also said that assessment of waste generated was already being done society wise and the construction of compost pits is on the cards. He emphasised that they plan to achieve waste segregation and end-to-end waste processing in near future.

But the ground reality looks much different. Almost two years have passed since the formation of new house of SDMC but nothing effective has been done so far.