I’puram: Property dealers fume over proposal of entry fee at Aditya Megacity
I’puram: Property dealers fume over proposal of entry fee at Aditya Megacity
Ashish Srivastava
I’puram: Property dealers fume over proposal of entry fee at Aditya Megacity
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I’puram: Property dealers fume over proposal of entry fee at Aditya Megacity

The property dealers are fuming over a circular put out by the RWA of Aditya Megacity (AMC), Vaibhav Khand in which the dealers have been asked to pay Rs 5,000 to avail an access in the society. An entry/registration pass would be issued after submitting the fees.

The circular was put out after a board meeting in which AMCRWA cited security concerns of the residents as the reason behind the entry fee.

The circular also asked the dealers to pay a “success fee” of Rs 5,000 over their per unit sale in the society. However, a provision to pay a transfer charge up to 1 per cent of the value of flat by its seller to the AOA already exists under the constitution.

The dealers are astonished by the RWA's decision. “There are various resident societies in and around Indirapuram and none of the welfare associations of such societies has ever proposed either entry/registration fee or a success fee,” said dealers.

A property dealer, Sandeep Jain, said that RWA’s reason could be genuine but yet it does not justify the amount they have proposed. “I understand that due to security concerns, registration of dealers/vendors should be undertaken and an administrative charge should be levied upon. But, that should be a nominal amount and definitely not such a hefty amount,” he said.

In respect to the success fee, he said that the practice will not just discourage the dealers. “AMC will see a shortage of takers both for the rent and sale of the flats,” Jain said.

Gaurav Nanda, a property dealer and resident of AMC wrote a letter to RWA requesting them to withdraw the circular. He was supported by other dealers in the vicinity.

Nanda said that RWA’s demand for the success fee is not justified. “RWA is a welfare association for the residents. They are not formed with the motive of earning a profit. Charging success fee is against their constitution,” he said.

Amardeep Viz, ex-president of AMCRWA said that the current circular exclusively targets the dealers. “If it is regarding security then why other businesses running in the premises are excluded from the entry charge?” he asked.

“A copy of government authorised ID cards could have also served the purpose of registration,” he added.

Nanda too had mentioned this point in his letter to RWA. “The security concerns will not get addressed as other businesses/services such as boutiques, beauty parlours, newspaper hawkers are currently operating without getting checked in the society,” the letter read.

Alok Kumar, President of Federation of Apartments Owners Association said that if something attracts tax or revenue for AOA on behalf of the residents then it should ideally be passed through general body meeting (GBM).

Munish Jain, president of AMCRWA said that his society is not the only place where such kinds of proposals have come. He added that there are many other societies which charge way above than what they have proposed.

However, he said that a GBM will be called and the final decision will be taken there only.

Although RWA has the power to take any decision, we are taking it to the GBM because few of our residents are into property dealing and the decision involves them.

Jain also admitted that one of the reasons behind this move is to generate revenue for the society.

Amardeep alleged that the current RWA is involved in various financial irregularities and the move is for its reconciliation.