Noida Authority issues lift policy to check rising cases of mishaps

By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Sep 12, 2018

To check the rising cases of lift fall, the Noida Authority on Wednesday issued new guidelines of the lift policy. The Authority also sent a letter to 29 builders asking them to submit a detailed report about the maintenance and security measures of the elevator undertaken by them in the last year.

The incidents of residents getting stuck in the lifts have become very common in the societies. No one takes the responsibility for the causalities happening in the lift. But, according to the lift policy guidelines, now the builders and the AOAs of the societies will be responsible for any lift incident.

In Noida, there are 105 societies and 36 of which are maintained and supervised by the AOA. Rest are under the control of the builders. In the next phase, the Authority will be sending the same letter to 36 societies which are controlled by the AOAs.

It is often seen that a multi-storeyed tower of over 100 flats has only one working lift. The builders have neither done proper installation nor have they maintained any lift to flat ratio.

Residents welcomed this policy but they wanted this to be implemented as soon as possible in the whole city.

“In the absence of a lift act, the developers install poor quality lifts which do not have automatic rescue device (ARD), service lift for the emergency. There is no monitoring by the local authorities as well,” said Rakesh Singh, a resident of Antriksh Forest in Sector-77 of Noida.

Santosh Kumar, an officer on special duty said that we issued the guidelines under UP apartment act 2010 and asked the builders to submit the lift details with the AMC by the next week.

After the issuance of new guidelines by Noida Authority, the residents of Noida Extension and Greater Noida have also asked the Greater Noida Authority to do the same.

Vikas Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens in Noida Extension said, “Due to the absence of any lift policy, the builders did not maintain the elevator. As a result, the builders and the AOAs have failed to control the lift incidents in the city. “Greater Noida Authority must also lift policy to control the situation.”

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