High court orders fresh elections for Grihapravesh in Sector 77, Noida

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Sep 13, 2018

The Allahabad High Court directed Noida Authority to convene a meeting between the residents of Grihapravesh in Sector 77 and the builder within three weeks’ from now to hold fresh elections in the society.

The order came in response to a special appeal filed by the Grihapravesh AOA.

In a rather peculiar situation, Grihpravesh has two warring residents’ association — Grihpravesh condominium association and Grihpravesh AOA. While the former group has registered itself with the Meerut registrar, the latter has not done so.

The HC has also directed the district judge of GB Nagar to appoint a competent (senior) officer of the court to supervise the entire process.

The officer thus appointed shall supervise the election process and submit its report to the court through the district judge.

An official of Noida Authority said, “Right now we are examining the court order. The election will be done according to bylaws and the date will be finalised soon after the meeting with the builder and the residents.”

Gautam Kumar, president of Grihpravesh condominium association, said, “What’s happening in our society is now the common scenario for most societies in the city. We are happy with the court’s order — it will certainly bring an end to the crisis.”

As of now, Noida Authority is to take the handover from the builder. After the elections, the new elected body will be given the handover.

Abhay Kumar, chairman and managing director of Grihpravesh Buildtech, also welcomed the decision of the court. “The court cancelled both the associations and ordered Noida Authority to conduct fresh elections in the society and name the newly elected body Grihpravesh Flat Owners Association.”


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