I’puram: AOA of Regalia Heights meets GDA to discuss safety concern of residents

By Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Sep 13, 2018

The Apartment Owners' Association (AOA) of Regalia Heights, Indirapuram, met the officials of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) today to discuss their concerns about parking crisis on the premises and safety of the residents.

FedAOA president Alok Kumar also accompanied the representatives of Regalia.

The team met the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) VK Singh and Enforcement Head AK Singh and discussed several points including security of the residents, defunct fire-fighting equipment installed in the building and construction of shops in the basement parking area of the complex.

The AOA members also discussed with the officials their ongoing tussle with the market association members who are running shops in the basement and upper ground floor of Regalia Heights. According to these members, the market and its members are the biggest reasons behind the two big problems faced by the residents – security threat and parking crunch.

The AOA members offered documents to the officials supporting their arguments.

According to the residents, the basement area which was meant to be used as parking space as per the original plan of the project has now been converted into a shopping complex.

City Spidey had earlier reported that the Regalia residents allege that the builder has constructed commercial shops over the space meant for 50 parking spots without compensating them. And now, the market association members are not allowing the residents to control who enters and exits the society.

As the shops are open throughout the day, the market association wants an easy and free passage for their customers. This has compromised the safety of the residents as the campus is slowly turning into an adda (meeting place) for anti-social elements, claim residents.

Regalia Heights is a joint project of Shipra World Builders and GDA.

Residents produced papers where it was claimed by the builder that the shops came up in the basement under a government compounding scheme.

However, the team questioned the validity of the scheme as they were not provided with an alternative space according to the guidelines of any compounding scheme.

Reacting to this, OSD Singh said the non-compensation of parking spots in the interest of compounding of basement parking lot was indeed a problem. He assured he will study the matter in detail.

Enforcement head also agreed to the fact that construction of shops in the basement does not make any sense. However, he said he is not aware of the scheme and will comment only after its thorough study.

VK Singh assured the visiting team that the project’s builder, Shipra World Builders, will be called to discuss the matter further.

Blaming GDA for this mess, Alok Kumar said, “GDA can’t escape from its responsibility for approving such huge mess in the name compounding. They should also penalize the officer who allowed compounding of Regalia." 

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