Laptops and valuables stolen from car parked in Sector 12 market, Dwarka
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Laptops and valuables stolen from car parked in Sector 12 market, Dwarka

The incident was reported from the parking lot near HDFC Bank. Locals say thefts from cars have increased over the past couple of months.

Laptops and valuables stolen from car parked in Sector 12 market, Dwarka

In yet another episode, the window of a car was smashed and valuables, including two laptops, lifted from the parking lot of Sector 12 market near HDFC Bank.  The car belonged to a young couple who were returning from work.

On September 6 at 9.11 pm, Eisha Gulati and her husband stopped at Sector 12 market to withdraw some cash from the ATM and pick up some groceries. “It took us exactly eight minutes because I remember looking at my watch while getting back to the car. At 9.28 pm, when my husband opened the car’s boot to keep the stuff I realized that our laptops were missing and saw that someone had broken the car’s window glass and stolen our laptops and valuables.”

Eisha says what disappointed her most was the careless attitude of the police. “My husband immediately called 100 number and requested police to come to the spot. To our disappointment, they told us nothing will happen even if they were to come.”

“After much discussion they came 40 minutes late and we filed an FIR from our phone. But nothing positive has come out so far,” adds Eisha. She even wrote a Facebook post on the incident. 

Eisha said that the CCTV footage showed that a guy on a blue scooty loaded with bags and another guy walking next to it, but nothing was clear. “We requested the police to give a message on wireless to spot the scooty. But nothing was done.”

Eisha said that she was informed by the police and the people at the market that several such incidents have been reported from the area recently. RK Singh, a resident of Sector 12, said, “Many such cases were reported way back in 2011-12. And now this is happening again. It looks the work of a gang. The police should take it seriously.”  

Ajay Kumar, who works at Asian Fitness Gym located in Sector 12 market, said, “We have seen many such incidents over the last couple of months. The disappointing part is that the police is least bothered to take the matter seriously.”

Speaking on the subject, SHO, Dwarka North, Sanjay Kumar, said they are following the matter closely and even looking at the CCTV footage from various places. People should not keep their valuables and laptops in the car while parking, he added.