Residents hopeful of improved infrastructure after colonies’ transfer to MCG

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Sep 19, 2018

Although the residents of Sushant Lok 1 and Palam Vihar are ecstatic over the transfer of the colonies to Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), at the same time, they also want the infrastructure gaps to be looked after.

There are many infrastructure deficiencies which the residents of these colonies are facing. They are struggling with roads, sewage, water supply and other services. The RWAs had also prepared a detailed project report about the infrastructure deficiencies in consultation with the MCG.

However, the developer is not willing to carry out development works. The residents are hoping that the MCG will help them in this regard.

“This is a welcome decision and we had been trying to make it happen as infrastructure and maintenance was both in very bad shape. The next step should be to complete the infrastructure works amounting to almost Rs 60 crore on the basis of DPR prepared with a consultant appointed by MCG,” said Dr AK Nagpal, ex-president, Sushant Lok RWA.

Nagpal added that they are happy that the corporation will now spend money on new infrastructure.

The DPR for Sushant Lok 1 had an estimation of Rs 102 crore with 5 years of maintenance. But, later, it was revised to around Rs 43 crore.

The Sushant Lok 1 colony was developed by Ansal API in 1981-82.

The residents of Ansal’s Palam Vihar are also very happy about the transfer of colony to the MCG. Like Sushant Lok 1, they are also hopeful of improvement in infrastructure.

However, they were not sure about the future of electricity supply in the area. They hope that DHBVN will take over and improve the infrastructure.

“We have been paying the property tax since 2008 every year but the corporation has not spent any money on the infrastructure or upkeep of the colony. At least now the MCG should spend on building roads, boost sewage capacity and other such things. Also, the local RWA should be kept in the loop,” said Sunil Yadav, president, Palam Vihar RWA.

Yashpal Yadav, MCG commissioner said that they are in the process of examining all the aspects of taking over the maintenance. “The modalities of how to improve the infrastructure and other works would be decided later. First, we need to prepare for takeover so that the transition is smooth,” he said.

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