Prateek Wisteria builder sets month-end deadline for AOA takeover
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Prateek Wisteria builder sets month-end deadline for AOA takeover

It also said if the AOA failed to take over, the builder will charge  20 paise more for its maintenance services from October.

Prateek Wisteria builder sets month-end deadline for AOA takeover File pic of protesters at the builder's office

The ongoing fracas between the builder and the residents of Prateek Wisteria, a high rise in Sector 77, Noida, over maintenance fee hike has now come to a head. If the AOA fails to take over maintenance by month end, the builder will continue to provide services thereafter only if the charges are hiked by 20 paise.

Now, with only a few days left for month-end, the builder has also sent a notice to the AOA and the residents of the society stating the same.

However, the AOA is adamant that the builder refunds the IFMS (interest-free maintenance security) to the tune of Rs 10 crore — and the interest on it for the last four years — before the handover.

Members of the AOA also alleged that the builder is not holding meeting with the AOA and the residents as promised — neither is it replying to the notice sent by AOA about stopping the practice of debiting from the prepaid meter.

An AOA member said, “The builder hasn't been getting its accounts audited since the past four years. It has misappropriated funds, used maintenance staff for repairs and other works. We might also consider legal action.”

On September 3, the residents, along with the AOA, staged a protest against the builder in front of its office over the steep hike of maintenance charge by 16 per cent from September 1. While the old maintenance charge was Rs 2.35 per sq ft plus GST, the new amount at the time was pegged at Rs 2.75.

In response to the protest, the builder put a hold on the hike till September 15, and also asked the AOA to take over. But nonetheless it would increase the sum by 20 paise if it had to continue providing services after month-end.

The notice sent by the builder [as mentioned above] also spoke of how the protests held on September 3 disturbed customers who had come from long distances to the builder’s office. It also mentioned how the entire day was lost, and how the staff couldn’t work because of slogan shouting and use of abusive language during the protests.

The builder threatened legal action if protests of such manner were held in future.