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Mehta says accusations of dog menace at Supertech Ecociti false

Posted: Sep 19, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The residents of Supertech Ecociti have planned a candle march against stray dog menace in the society on Wednesday evening.

They are miffed with a lady who was seen feeding and nursing stray dogs at the basement of the society. The video of the lady feeding the dogs went viral earlier.

According to them, the residents are frightened to go into the basement because of the dogs.

City Spidey got in touch with Purnima Mehta to get her side of the story. She said that she has sterilised some dogs on her expenses and is taking care of them.

Take a look at our exclusive talks with the lady.

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Bhaskar Kharwade

Posted 3 months ago

I observe some educated people take their doggies every morning/evening for a walk. Good that they love them treat them as their family members but .......do not treat or love the human beings like their maids or lower income group people. (I think our Desi dogs understand this and do not like so whenever they see these foreign breed start barking immediately).Could be out of jealousy


Abhinav Mishra

Posted 3 months ago

Even these candle march protesters became aggressive towards me when i tried very politely to tell them various solutions to this so called problem. when i told them that these dogs have every right to live where they were born and there should be proper vaccination and sterilization or even rehabilitation but in a proper way ,they started making aggressive gestures towards and some even told me you are doing this for facebook likes lol, i mean every being has their own rights and if our country's law has given a proper procedure you can't make your own rule and commit cruelty against them. they passed a rule which stated fine to any person who feeds these dogs or their puppies,how cruel and dumb, also they are dumb enough to ignore the fact that a hungry animal can be more aggressive.


Good human

Posted 2 months ago

i have heard the Mehta family the so called criminals who these society people blame falsely for the stray dog menace , have got the dogs sterilised and vaccinated, the society residents could not bother with doing it for 4 years. the Mehtas have also given intelligent solutions a few times but the society people make mockery of these ideas and instead threaten them, ridicule them and then try to evict them,, this society residents have overinflated egos absolutely no intellect and want everything done as per their command, there is also an advocate amongst them who openly writes absurd e mails and completely misguides all the residents into dooing mindless antics, this candle march being one of them