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GD Goenka School case: Mother files caveat to preempt bail appeal

Posted: Sep 20, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

Owing to the lackadaisical attitude of Ghaziabad police in apprehending the accused in the case of detainment of two girl students by a private school in Rajnagar Extension, the mother has filed a caveat petition in Allahabad High Court fearing that the accused - Principal Vandana Medha and Admin In-charge Vibha, may approach HC to apply for their interim bail.

Last month, GD Goenka School allegedly confined two of its girl students for the whole day in an isolated room to procure illegal fees from their mother. The police, after the intervention of National Commision for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), booked school’s Principal, Vandana Medha, and Admin In-charge, Vibha under section 342 of IPC and section 75 of Juvenile Justice Act.

On being asked about why she felt the need to file a caveat petition, Nidhi said that she feared that accused will get away with bail after police’s continued reluctance in pursuing the investigation.

“A month has passed since the FIR was lodged, yet, the police are not able to locate and arrest any of the accused,” she alleged.

Speaking with City Spidey, Sub-Inspector (SI) Sarvesh Kumar, who is also Investigating Officer (IO) of the case, confirmed that both the accused have stopped coming to school since the FIR registered. However, he refused to declare them absconding. “We will further continue with our probe only when they will get back to school,” he said.

Nidhi further alleged police for providing escape gate to both the accused. “Police is not willing to arrest them. Albeit, they are providing the opportunity to get bail before their arrest,” she alleged.

Shivani Singh, President of All Schools parents Association (ASPA) also accused police of bootless investigation in the case. “From day one, the police are trying to dilute the matter,” she asserted.

“Had NCPCR not got involved in the case, the police would not have filed even the FIR,” she said further.

Shivani also hinted a reason for alleged casualness by the police by saying that the case is against the high profile private school.

Both Nidhi and Shivani also recalled a confrontation they had with Kumar in SSP office a few days ago. Kumar, annoyed with direct questions regarding the delay in investigation, had told them to request the change of IO in the case if they are having issues with his style of investigation.

Apart from going in favour of the accused, Nidhi worries that the delay in the investigation is also impacting the mental health of the children.  Their class teachers have stopped taking their names during roll call, and recently, they were not provided examination syllabus.

She also said that their classmates have stopped talking to them. “They castigate both the children for the absence of principal in school,” she said. She also told that they quite frequently get trolled on social media for raising voice against the school.

“I have mentally prepared my children to not give up in this fight. They are strong, but they don’t deserve such treatment. If police could speed up the case, the harassment will soon end,” she said.

While speaking to City Spidey, SP City Shlok Kumar commented that it seems that due to fear of their arrest, accused have gone into hiding. “However, the IO must take action by locating them through their house addresses and inquiring about their close aides," he said.

When the IO was asked whether he tried to locate the accused at their house, he told that he is not aware of their house address. “Go find them yourself if you know where they live,” he told further.

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