Community people show the way by making parks plastic free in Dwarka
Community people show the way by making parks plastic free in Dwarka
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Community people show the way by making parks plastic free in Dwarka
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Community people show the way by making parks plastic free in Dwarka

Community people from various societies have joined their hands to make the parks free from plastic in Dwarka. People associated with organisations such as Green Circle, Seniors Hub, Morning Walkers Club, Parmarthi and different RWAs carried a drive to clean the parks on Friday.

They started their drive from the neighbourhood park called “Shyam Vatika” in Sector-7. 

General Secretary of Morning Walkers Club and a resident of Harsukh Apartments, Ravi Jaitely said, “We cleaned lots of plastic bags and other non-biodegradable waste like liquor bottles and glasses from the park. We will be carrying out such drives twice a month at different parks in the area. This is our first joint effort.”

The campaign attracted other people in the park too. Many people, who were walking in the park, also volunteered to clean the park. Area Councillor Aman Kumar also participated in the campaign and cleaned the park.

Speaking on the occasion, Anil Parashar of Green Circle said, “Civic awareness is not up to the mark. Some park users throw the plastic wrappers and bottles in the parks. Today, we have removed all non-biodegradable waste from Shyam Vatika. We want to create awareness in the city.”

The drive was also supported by SDMC officials and workers. They helped people in cleaning the park. Participating in the drive, Councillor of the area, Aman Kumar said, “Today, I am joining this campaign in my personal capacity. This is my social obligation.”

Kavitha, a resident of the Mahavir Enclave, said that the park needs proper lighting so that the people, who consume liquor, do not misuse the park in the evening.

People, who participated in the campaign, shared that they wanted to make the whole area free from any non-biodegradable waste.

One of the pioneers of the campaign and President of Green Circle, V Selvarajan said, “We want this campaign to become more famous. We will also take it to other parts of the national capital. I hope that a large number of people participate in the campaign to make it a success.”

Selvarajan further said, “This is just a beginning. Green Circle has been cleaning parks for the past two years. In the last six months, our volunteers are cleaning parks in Sector-6 every Saturday between 7 am and 8 am. The joint effort of people is bearing fruits.”

“The “shramdaan” is not an easy thing as it involves manual labour. Hygiene issues are also related to it. We provide masks and gloves for the volunteers to protect them from any infection when dealing with waste,” he added.

Officer bearers from the social organisations, which were involved in the cleaning, also shared their views. President of Seniors Hub and a resident of Mass Apartments, RK Jain said, “Government should ban plastic from source so that the products do not come into the market. Sufficient water should be supplied to the parks to maintain the greenery.”

Ravi Tandon of Paramarthi said, “We are overwhelmed by the support from people of Dwarka. We have cleaned the walking track of the park jointly. This joint effort seemed to be a huge success and I am confident that we would bring a change.”