Noida: Pregnant woman injured after lift falls in Nirala Aspire
Noida: Pregnant woman injured after lift falls in Nirala Aspire
Avishek Dubey
Noida: Pregnant woman injured after lift falls in Nirala Aspire
Photo: Samrat Roy

Noida: Pregnant woman injured after lift falls in Nirala Aspire

A pregnant woman fell unconscious on Thursday evening after her lift fell from the fourth floor to second floor of Nirala Aspire, a high-rise in Noida Extension. Shalini Srivastava, a resident of Tower-D of the society, is in the fourth month of pregnancy.

The lift was stuck at the second floor for more than ten minutes. This is not the first time that a mishap in the lift has occurred in the society, complain the residents, but the builder is not ready to take any action.

Rajesh Sharma, a resident of the society, told City Spidey that people have been facing problems with the lifts for a long time. “Shalini was immediately rushed to the hospital by her husband where the doctor advised her bed rest for the next 10 days,” Sharma said.

The residents of the society called the police after the incident and have given a written complaint against the builder. “On September 16, another resident was injured after suffering a free fall in the lift. He was also stuck in the lift for more than 10 minutes,” said a resident.

“We are paying maintenance charges of Rs 1.85 per sq ft plus GST to the builder but the facilities provided are totally sub-standard. We have complained to the builder and the staff innumerable times but they just don’t care,” Sharma said.

According to police, they will call the builder to resolve the issue. “The lift mishaps have increased lately and the builder needs to resolve it,” the police said.

The residents of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad have been demanding a lift policy that will help the administration in ensuring the proper installation, operation and maintenance of lifts in buildings.

There are more than two thousands high rise buildings in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. The residents getting stuck in the lift has become an everyday affair in the societies. No one takes the responsibility for the causalities happening in the lift.

Meanwhile, the Noida Authority had earlier this month issued new guidelines of the lift policy. The Authority had also sent a letter to 29 builders asking them to submit a detailed report about the maintenance and security measures of the elevator undertaken by them in the last year. According to the lift policy guidelines, now the builders and the AOAs of the societies would be responsible for any lift incident.

In Noida, there are 105 societies and 36 of which are maintained and supervised by the AOA. Rest are under the control of the builders. In the next phase, the Authority will send the same letter to 36 societies which are controlled by the AOAs.