Three flats burgled in one night at Elephanta Heights, Dwarka

Posted: Sep 22, 2018

Three cases of burglary were reported from Elephanta Heights in Sector 10 in Dwarka on the night of September 19. An FIR was registered in the case on September 20, informed the president of the society, Vijay Kaul.

Since all the three burglaries happened on the same night, the residents of one of the poshest societies in the area have been a worried lot.

According to the police, all the three flats were locked when the incident happened, as the owners were out of the city. Initially, burglaries were reported from flat numbers 807 (owned by a woman) and 610 (owned by CK Dikshit), but later flat 507 was also found burgled (its owner lives in Dubai). Dikshit is a senior citizen, who lives with his wife in the society.

Police said that the locks on the main door weren’t broken as the burglars entered through the door at the back that was left opened. During primary investigation, it was found that CCTV cameras aren’t installed on the society premises. The police verification of maids and servants was also found incomplete. Even the manager working in the society wasn’t verified, said police officials.

The officials also felt that the security in the society wasn’t up to the mark as there were only two guards present on night duty. The society did not maintain any record of flats that were locked.

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