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I’puram: Rishabh Cloud Nine residents protest against ill-maintenance of society

Posted: Sep 23, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

The residents of Rishabh Cloud Nine society on Sunday carried out a protest rally against the developer for not maintaining the residential complex properly at Indirapuram.

The rally started from the society’s premise and ended at the builder’s office situated at a distance of 200-meter from the society. The residents shouted slogans and raised banners highlighting their concern.

The residents told City Spidey that there is a list of issues which need immediate attention from the builder.

“We are facing seepage issue in the basement and between towers. We are not provided with a space for greenery. Our parking space is incomplete. We are also forced to use highly contaminated water,” residents echoed.

The resident also told that the high level of TDS in water is the most serious issue which is directly affecting the health of all the residents of the society.

R.K Bhatnagar, a senior citizen and resident of the society alleged that they are forced to use high TDS water as the RO system of the society is defunct since last three months.

“We are witnessing TDS level of over 2,800 in the supplied water. The water is not just hazardous to consume; it is also unfit to utilise it in daily chores,” he said.

However, Ajay Jain, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Rishabh Group, claimed that the centralized RO system is fully functional. However, he admitted that the current stream of supplied water is not filtered via the centralized system. He said that the sample of water has gone for testing whose report is expected to come within three days.

While Singh admitted the water testing, he also rebuffed the allegations of the presence of high TDS in water.

“We have also provided personal RO system to each of the flats,” Singh added.

However, apart from drinking, water is used in multiple household chores like bathing and exposure to water with high TDS value can impact the health of skin as well.

Assistant Vice President, Anadi Mishra blamed the non-existence of AOA body in the society as the main reason behind all the problems that the residents are facing.

“We have been continuously asking the residents to form an AOA body and take over the maintenance of the society. We are ready to hand over the maintenance but they are deliberately not forming an AOA,” Mishra said.

Mishra also informed that a deadline was given to residents to form AOA by 15th August which was extended till September 30th.

Sandeep Pandey, a resident of the society, admitted to the communication with the builder to form the AOA. However, he also informed that the society had an AOA at one point in time.

“We had an RWA constituted in 2012 which automatically got dissolved in 2017,” Pandey said.

Pandey said that in the year 2012, only one tower of the project was constructed and the residents of that tower formed an RWA body. Later, when residents started filling in other towers, they raised an objection, and due to this conflict, the election never happened, and the body finally got dissolved last year.

Pandey also claimed the earlier RWA was destined to dissolve. “Initially, the project was named as Rishabh Paradise, and RWA was also registered in the same name. Later, the project’s name changed to Rishabh Cloud 9. Then, the RWA was dissolved to get registered in the new name,” he explained.

On asking why it is taking so much time to constitute new AOA, Pandey said that although the RWA is dissolved, the deregistration of earlier RWA is still pending in Deputy Registrar’s office. “And, after that only, a new AOA would be constituted,” he said.

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