Internal conflict within JM Orchid’s AOA leads to halting of maintenance work
Internal conflict within JM Orchid’s AOA leads to halting of maintenance work
Avishek Dubey
Internal conflict within JM Orchid’s AOA leads to halting of maintenance work
Photo: Samrat Roy

Internal conflict within JM Orchid’s AOA leads to halting of maintenance work

An internal conflict within the AOA body at JM Orchid has dearly affected the residents living in the society. It has led to the halting of all the maintenance work at the society.

As per the residents, the maintenance work was halted after the secretary of the AOA, Anurag Dhandha, refused to sign a cheque to buy the diesel for power backup. Not only he refused to sign the cheque but he also went on a two-day vacation.

However, the conflict started when the secretary had levelled corruption charges against the president of AOA, Jitendra Pratap Singh. Then, a board meeting happened on August 9. A new president, SC Bhalla, and a new treasurer, Rahul Bhandari, were elected without informing the residents.

Meanwhile, the residents are on tenterhooks. They said that the AOA needs to take the responsibility of the society as they have elected them for it.

A member of AOA body, Anandi Mishra said that all the residents suffered during power cut last night as there was no diesel available for power backup.

“Without the power supply, the lifts are not working and water supply has also been interrupted. Last night, a resident was discharged from a hospital. While coming back to his flat, he got stuck in the lift. Many such kinds of lift issues came to the fore in the morning as well,” Mishra added.

Ex-president said that the bank has refused to change the signing authority without a proper letter from the Meerut registrar.

“On September 24, we met the registrar and he listened to both parties and told that he will take the decision and he will tell them whether a new election of the AOA body will happen,” Mishra said.

On the other hand, Dhandha said that all the allegations are false. He said that the whole issue has been orchestrated in the society.

“I never refused anyone to sign the cheque. The chequebook is in the hands of Singh. The cash is in his hands only. He should have bought diesel from the cash that he has,” Dhanda added.

On August 5, an audio proof was presented to the AOA body supporting allegations of corruption against ex-president and ex-treasurer of the AOA. The majority of the people in the meeting had decided to sack them.

“We had received two audio clips. In the first one, ex-treasurer could be heard talking to someone from our security agency about kickback payments of Rs 15,000 per month to reduce penalty amounts,” said Dhandha.

“In the second clip, Singh was heard talking to a security agency person about one-time payment of Rs 1 lakh on the award of a contract and a monthly kickback of Rs 20,000,” he added.

Vikrant Safeguard India Pvt Ltd is the security vendor of JM Orchid since July 2017. On August 5, the security company had also complained to police about ex-president and ex-treasurer asking for a bribe.

“From the past 4 months, the payment has not been done by the AOA body and which is around Rs 30 lakh. There are more than 40 guards deployed in the society and AOA did this to us. Security agency staffs are facing extreme humiliation by ex-president in the form of threats, unethical debits, withholding of payments” an official from the security agency stated.