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Recent spate of burglaries in Dwarka reveals serious security lapses

Posted: Sep 26, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Serial incidents of burglaries in Dwarka this month have raised questions about security arrangements in societies. RWAs and managements are now discussing the loopholes that could have led to the repeat burglaries.

Here’s something to chew on:

At Elephanta Heights in Sector 10 — one of the societies that reported a burglary — there were no CCTV cameras, neither was any police verification done for maids. Police also pointed out that the security agency that was hired was not registered and even the manager of the society was not verified.

Commenting on these obvious lapses, president of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK, said, “What happened shows the negligence or casual attitude towards security on premises. Residents, the managing committee, the general body of RWAs are also responsible to a great extent.”

He continued, “Most societies have old cameras; the security guards are untrained and poorly managed; there’s no servant or tenant verification. Why there’s no accountability clause in hiring guards? Why not hire licensed guards? Why pay less and invite danger?”

To this, secretary of Federation of CGHS, Dwarka, V Selvarajan, added, “Senior citizens are easy victims in several cases. When residents go out on holidays, they must inform the society management. But then again, one has to be careful against informers from within, who could pass on the information. It’s a complex process and all angles would have to be looked into.”  

Selvarajan feels while CCTV is mandatory, residents also need to be more alert — if they suspect anyone on the inside they must immediately bring it to the knowledge of the managing committee.

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