G’gaon: Roundabout at GC Road turns into pond due to leakage from pipeline

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Posted: Sep 26, 2018

Due to constant leakage from a water pipeline since last one month, a big roundabout in Sector-54 on Golf Course Road has turned into a pond. As the water has been accumulated for a long period of time, it has turned dirty and also become a point for the breeding of mosquitoes.

The nearby residents are facing a lot of problems due to this. They said that they have complained to the authorities many times but no action has been taken so far.

The residents said that it is criminal to have a pond on the road as already 113 cases of malaria and 27 dengue cases have been reported from the city.

They are now taking the help of social media to highlight the issue. They have posted pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and sent e-mails to the civic agencies to request action on the matter.

When the issue was highlighted on social media, the official came into action. Junior Engineer (JE) of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram(MCG) had carried out an inspection at the spot and found leakage from the main Huda water line.

“We supply water twice a day but the leakage is continuous, after checking the problem it was discovered that the pipelines belong to Huda and they are informed about the issue. The problem will be resolved at the earliest”, said Kuldeep Kumar, JE.

A resident of Alankar Apartments, Subhash Sharma said, “The water pipeline has not been repaired for last four months. The water is getting accumulated and a small pond has been developed. It has also become breeding places for mosquitoes causing dengue or malaria. I have been writing to the authorities for the last four months but did not receive any reply, it was only after I posted on Facebook they responded”.

The roundabout sees hundreds of vehicles crossing through it every day. The commuters are exposed to the vector-borne diseases.

Commuters going towards sectors 56, 57, 53 and 54 use this road.

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