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Apathetic SDMC fails to clean filth around market areas in Dwarka

Posted: Sep 28, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

When it comes to managing waste in market areas in Dwarka, it can be said that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has been a complete failure. Almost all the markets are facing the problem of waste due to the poor system of segregation and collection of waste.

Apart from the SDMC, people are also not cooperating in managing the market areas. The corporation has also failed to implement the waste segregation law in the markets.

Meanwhile, the waste can be seen scattered all over the place. Sometimes, corporation lifts the garbage but it is messy and filthy most of the times.

A resident of Sector 5, Ravi Sharma said, “It is surprising that the corporation is not taking any action against those people who throw garbage on roads. One can see the trucks coming to the market every morning to pick the garbage from the roadside or footpath in front of the markets in sectors 4 and 12. It is a pity that they still are not successful in making the area clean.”

One can see solid and wet waste mixed and dumped on the roads near markets. Also, the hundreds of blue and green dustbins, which were installed as a part of clean India mission, have been completely useless.

It has been observed that neither the market people put segregated waste in them nor the corporation has ever asked them to do so and tried to implement it on the ground.

A resident of Sector 4, Vibha Gautam said, “There is no fear in the minds of people who dump waste. The scattered garbage is telling the story of miserable condition and helplessness of the corporation. Clothes, plastics, kitchen waste etc. are dumped on the road. How they accept it? Why don’t they prosecute the violators as they do it for societies?”

People said that SDMC is strict for societies as they put pressure by enforcing the laws and sending notices to RWAs for violating solid waste management bylaws.

But, at the same time, the corporation finds it difficult to send notices to the market. It might be possible that market associations have political connections and that is why corporation does not take action against them.

SN Singh, a shopkeeper from Sector 12 market said, “The association has good relations with the politicians in the area. As a result, they are also allowing encroachment in the market. Unless SDMC becomes strict, no rule would be implemented.”

However, residents said that the situation is also the same in the markets where there are associations with no political connections.

One of the corporation officials in the area said on the condition of anonymity, “We want to make the whole market areas neat and clean. We want to take stern action and prosecute the violators.”

“But, most of the time, we are under pressure of political people. If they don’t interfere with us then we could effectively implement the laws in markets as far as sanitation is concerned.”

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