FedAOA to form a unit for Crossings, but the move is fraught with misgivings
FedAOA to form a unit for Crossings, but the move is fraught with misgivings
Ashish Srivastava
FedAOA to form a unit for Crossings, but the move is fraught with misgivings
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FedAOA to form a unit for Crossings, but the move is fraught with misgivings

Spreading its wings further, Federation of Apartment Owners Association is set to constitute a unit to deal issues related to Crossings Republik. But Crossings Republik Owners and Members Association (CROMA), a body similar to FedAOA in Crossings, is not too happy about it.

About two-three months ago, the Federation had decided to expand its area of coverage and spread out of their core base, Indirapuram. Keeping that in mind, the federation has planned to host a joint meeting with its members in Crossings in October.

Sanjay Jha, secretary of FedAOA, informed that the meeting has been planned for October 6th, where the members will constitute a working committee. “The committee will deal with local problems of Crossings residents,” he said.

Tarun Chauhan, president of CROMA, called the step unnecessary and “a move to establish a body against CROMA.” He added, “CROMA already functions on similar lines and, in many ways, better than FedAOA. So I don’t think their physical presence is needed in CR. It’s, more or less, a political move to stand as our opposition.”

Taking a jibe at FedAOA’s initiative to build a fire station in the township, Chauhan said, “Their stubbornness reaped nothing for Crossings. We, on the other hand, had negotiated with Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), the builder, and it agreed to allot a piece of land for the fire station. But to FedAOA, the area was not sufficient!”

FedAOA had been at the forefront of the struggle to build fire station at the township. Currently, the matter is stuck in negotiations between the GDA and the CIPL.

Alok Kumar, President of FedAOA, said the association has many members in Crossings, but owing to distance, things sometimes get difficult. “A physical presence of FedAOA will allow the members to discuss every big and small issue, and also encourage other societies to reach us in case there’s a conflict of interests.”

He also condemned Chauhan’s outlook and said FedAOA did not need a certificate from others. “The whole fraternity, including the administration, knows our work — we don’t need certificates from other bodies.”

City Spidey reached out to the Crossings residents for their views on the matter.

Barring a few, the majority of residents seemed to support FedAOA, and its work in Crossings.

Interestingly, a founding member of CROMA (who didn’t want to be named) opined that FedAOA is more suitable for Crossings. “Technically and legally speaking, FedAOA is a body constituted under the law (UP Apartment Act, 2010) and recognised by our authorities. So people have more faith in it.”

While some praised CROMA for getting the dumping ground from Crossings removed, a few others viewed CROMA as “mela organising body”. “CROMA organises Diwali and Dusshehra melas – nothing more, nothing less,” said a few.

Some residents also feared that frequent conflict of interests could arise between both the bodies if they working on the same turf.