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In rare act of goodness, security guard delivers lost wallet to its owner

Posted: Oct 01, 2018     By City Spidey

The ever-rising cases of thefts and burglaries sometimes make us believe that we are into the times where goodness has become a distant dream. But, contrary to popular belief, a security guard at Mapasko Casabella did something which is not just commendable but also restored our faith that good people do exist in this world.

Dharmendra was on duty at AB2 tower when he spotted a wallet lying near the entrance gate of the society. He did not get lured by the money and all the important documents which were kept inside the wallet.

Instead, Dharmendra searched for the owner’s identity inside the wallet. He found that the wallet belonged to Randeep who visited one of his relative at the society. He made sure that the wallet reaches its owner. He delivered the wallet with all its belongings intact at the address which he found inside the wallet.

When Randeep received his wallet from the security guard, he could not initially believe that he has actually got his wallet back with all its belongings safe. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dharmendra.

He said, “I am thankful to Dharmendra for his kind gesture. My wallet had all the important documents along with my ATM card, which is safe because of Dharmendra.”

Randeep also offered some tip to the security guard, but he totally refused it.

“We at Mapsko Group believe in honesty and goodwill and it is reflected through the act of our employees also. We appreciate and encourage Dharmendra’s honesty, which restores the faith in humanity and I am proud that we at Mapsco are directly associated with such noble souls. He has proven that the honesty is and will always be the best policy to build and nurture relationships and trust,” said Mridul Paliwal, AGM - Marketing, Mapsko Group.

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