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Noida: Seepages continue to haunt residents at newly built Nirala Estate

Posted: Oct 01, 2018     By City Spidey

It’s been hardly a year and a half since the residents have settled in their flats in Nirala Estate in Noida and they are already struggling with water seepages on pillars and walls of the buildings. Now, they are really worried as the seepages have increased significantly over the period of time.

They said that several meetings have already been held between the residents and management of the society since the time they started living in the society. But, so far, no solution has been made to the problem.    

The residents said that promises were made every time that the issue will be looked upon but there were no fruitful results.

The issue is grave as the 17-storey building has been erected on pillars where seepages have surfaced and people fear that the pillars would get weaken. According to residents, joint intersections of water pipes are either broken or leaking from its suspension joint.

According to residents, water keeps flowing from the ceiling and walls of the basements in all the towers throughout the day. The pipes are damaged from various locations. They said that the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the walls have also developed cracks. If timely action is not taken by the builder, the seepage will continue and can lead to building collapse.

However, the residents said, after several rounds of complaints, leaking pipes were covered with metal but the seepage still continued.

Talking to City Spidey, a resident, Neeraj Tripathi said, “The situation exacerbates at the time of monsoon and residents find it difficult to walk and take out their cars at the basement.”

According to the maintenance department, the society is still under construction. An official said that when they started to give possession of the flats, the work at the common area was still underway.

“Work in the basement area is still on. The problem of seepage is will soon be rectified,” he added.

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