PHOTO KATHA: Ghaziabad kicks out polythene
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PHOTO KATHA: Ghaziabad kicks out polythene

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation organised a campaign to keep the city polythene-free. RWAs and school children joined hands to remove polythene from 241 locations across the city.

PHOTO KATHA: Ghaziabad kicks out polythene

Despite a blanket ban on the use of polythene in Ghaziabad, the city has not been able to ensure the ban.

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation on Thursday took the initiative to reinforce the ban with a wide-spread campaign to make the city polythene-free. Various RWAs, schools, businessmen and NGOs took part in the initiative to collect and throw away polythene bags from 241 locations across. Students took to the streets, marching with banners and placards discouraging the use of polythene.

Mayor Ashu Verma kicked off the event from Turab Nagar market. More than 8,000 children from over 150 schools took part in the campaign.

City Spidey brings you a few glimpses from the day:


LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Ghaziabad mayor Ashu Verma kickstarts the campaign by collecting polythene bags himself. 


STARTING YOUNG: School children march with placards to spread awareness.


MELTING POT: People from various backgrounds took part in the campaign.