3 members of Gulel gang arrested in Dwarka; 17 laptops recovered

Posted: Oct 03, 2018     By City Spidey

Dwarka police has arrested three members of ‘Gulel’ gang involved in stealing of valuables from cars after breaking their windows using a catapult. As many as 17 laptops, 17 mobile phones and 77 SD cards have been recovered.

In the last few months, there have been quite a few incidents of laptop thefts by breaking of car windowpanes in Dwarka. The area of Dwarka sub-division has been particularly affected by these incidents.

According to police, the gang used to take help from children in using the catapult (gulel) and then steal the valuables. Three arrested include Bhushan Chhabra (48), Krishna (29) and Dharambir (32).

Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Anto Alphonse said that on September 24, a thief of Gulel gang, Suraj, was caught red-handed in Sector 12, Dwarka. "He disclosed that after stealing the valuables, he delivered them to 2-3 people in Delhi and Punjab," said the DCP.

He further said that a police team had recovered the laptops and mobile phones from a car in Sector 3 on September 30 during a pre-planned spot check. “During interrogation, it was found that the recovered laptops and mobile phone were stolen from various parts of Delhi-NCR. We have made the arrests on the basis of the stolen property,” said the DCP.

To return the valuables to their owners, Dwarka north police station has sent a message in the residents' group asking people to identify their stolen laptops or mobiles.

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