Two kids attacked by stray dogs in Noida’s Supertech Eco Village-II
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Two kids attacked by stray dogs in Noida’s Supertech Eco Village-II

Angry residents protested against the menace today and have called for immediate action.

Two kids attacked by stray dogs in Noida’s Supertech Eco Village-II Three-year-old Naitik was attacked by a stray on Friday

Stray dogs menace just doesn’t seem to end for the residents of Noida. Two young kids were chased and attacked by stray dogs yesterday evening in Noida’s Supertech Eco Village II while they were out playing.

Three-year-old Naitik was bitten by a stray dog while he was at the reception of the tower along with his mother. “My son and wife both shouted for help but the security guard did not come for rescue. Somehow, my wife rescued the child and took him to Fortis Hospital in Sector 62,” said Ashish Tyagi, the father.

In another incident, a baby girl, Falgundi, was chased and bitten by a stray dog when she went to play with other children at around 6.30 pm. Kuldeep Kumar, her father, said that there are about 20-25 stray dogs inside the society and within a month more than five cases of dog attack have come to the light. 


Another kid, Falgundi, was also attacked by a stray


Following the incidents, around 100 residents protested inside the society on Saturday morning against the builder for its callous attitude towards the safety of the residents. “We have complained repeatedly to the builder about stray dogs entering the society and attacking the residents. But so far, no action has been taken by their side,” said an agitated Tyagi.

The residents also alleged that dog-lovers who feed the strays are making matter worse. “There are some residents who claim to be dog lovers and feed strays as per their convenience, without taking any responsibility. As a result, the strays are attacking the residents,” said one of the residents.

Meanwhile, the estate manager of the society said that they are taking steps to resolve the issue. “We have deployed one team to get these stray dogs out of the society. We are also going to write a letter to Greater Noida Authority for the vaccination of these dogs,” he said.