SDM meddling in society’s internal affairs, alleges Niho AOA president
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SDM meddling in society’s internal affairs, alleges Niho AOA president

The president of the residential complex in Indirapuram alleged that SDM is interfering in their tender proceedings for overhauling the society’s security.

SDM meddling in society’s internal affairs, alleges Niho AOA president

AOA president of Niho Scottish Garden, a residential complex in Indirapuram, DK Maurya, has alleged that Sub District Magistrate (SDM) Vivek Mishra is unnecessarily meddling in the internal affairs of the society.

Maurya also alleged that the SDM is misusing his official authority by asking the AOA to choose an illegitimate bid, which does not meet the directive of the State Labour department, for a tender floated to overhaul the security of the society.  

The AOAs usually award the tender to the lowest qualified bid. In this case, out of seven shortlisted bids, the lowest bid selected has become a matter of disagreement as it does not adhere to the directive of the State Labour department, claims Maurya.

“The bid quoted Rs 10,427 whereas the minimum wage for this category is set at Rs 11,420. Also, the contractor didn’t give break-up for the provision of employee provident fund (EPF) and employee state insurance (ESI),” said Maurya.

Meanwhile, AOA’s vice president Sanjeev Singh, who is in favour of the lowest bid, told City Spidey that he can’t understand the basis of the objection as the society has never before based their decision according to the rules of minimum wages. “The bid is saving our money and we should finalize it,” he said.

AOA had earlier formed a four-member committee to finalize the tender. But no consensus could be reached as two members had voted against the bid and two for it.

Sanjeev further added that he was the one who had contacted the SDM complaining a deliberate delay in awarding the contract.

However, Maurya alleged that the SDM had called him in his office and forced him to give the contract to the controversial bidder (the one with lowest bid). “When I asked him to give it in writing, he refused,” Maurya said.  

Reacting to Maurya’s allegation, the SDM said that he was merely trying to liaison between the two parties. While he agreed that the matter is society’s internal affair, he said that he had never called any party in particular. “I was intimated about the matter by the police on Tehsil divas, following which I had called both the parties to arrive on a logical solution,” he said.

Interestingly, Sanjeev, who had complained to the SDM against Maurya agreed to this. “He (Mishra) had asked Maurya to give the contract to the bidder with the lowest bid,” he said.

Maurya had later approached Additional District Magistrate (ADM) City, Himanshu Gautam. The ADM, through a letter, agreed to the fact that the bid should be disqualified as it does not follow labour department rules. He further asked the society to cancel the current tender and issue a fresh one complying with the directions laid down by the labour department.