Dwarka: Irked residents say inconsistent waste pickup causes filth in societies

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Oct 11, 2018

The residents at many societies are struggling due to inconsistent garbage pickup by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in Dwarka. They complained that the corporation staffs do not turn up every day.

The garbage has not been picked up at Surya Apartments in Sector 6 for last three days. A member of the management, Brijesh Singh said, “The doorstep collection of garbage/waste from our society has not been done in a satisfactory manner.”

“The staffs do not pick up full garbage at many times. Also, it is irregular. This causes unhygienic conditions. This defeats the waste management concept of SDMC. It must be taken care of and monitored properly,” he added.

President of Surya Apartments, Randhir Singh said that the concerned officials of SDMC assured him that lifting of the garbage would be done regularly.

The story is almost the same in other societies and often people complain about the poor management of garbage lifting from the societies. At many places, one could see the overflowing dustbins during the daytime and also the scattered garbage on footpaths too.

City Spidey clicked a photograph outside the Dakshinayan Apartments in Sector 3 and found that the garbage was scattered on the footpath in which the rag pickers were busy in picking plastics and metals.

The photograph was sufficient to explain that how poor garbage lifting is and how mismanaged the system for waste segregation is.

Sunita Acharya, a resident of Sector 4, said, “The corporation’s claims of efficient garbage pickup are only on papers. They did nothing to improve the system. It is the same as it was ten years back.”

People said that a one day delay in lifting of garbage creates a big problem for a gated society. They expressed that SDMC could not even ensure a proper and regular clearance of garbage from the dustbins it gave to the societies.

A resident of Crescent Heights Apartments in Sector 18, Madhu Dagar said, “We have two dustbins which are completely filled up with only one day of garbage. Now, if they do not come for one more day then dumping of garbage would become a big problem.”

“This is a big problem as they are irregular and miss it twice or thrice at least a week. So there is a dire need of improvement in the whole system,” she added.

Recently, the mayor of SDMC, Narendra Chawla said in a press release issued by SDMC that in the festive season there would be special attention on the cleanliness in the area. But, looking at the garbage collection and disposal in Dwarka, one can say that the reality is far away from the statement.

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