IT officials 'survey' The Quint office and the home of its founder, Raghav Bahl

By City Spidey
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Oct 12, 2018

The Quint office and Raghav Bahl’s home in Sector 40, Noida, who founded the portal, were visited by IT officials yesterday morning. Bahl has been accused of evading tax on undisclosed income.

The search operation is still under way at both the office and the house.

An official of IT department of GB Nagar said, “The 'survey' was carried out by Kanpur IT investigation team, along with the Noida division. We broke into two teams — one team reached the Bahl house in Sector 40, and the other team started investigation at The Quint office in Sector 16A.”

In his statement to the Editor’s Guild, Raghav Bahl wrote: “I have a matter of great concern to share with the Guild. While I was in Mumbai this morning, dozens of IT officials descended on my residence and The Quint office for a ‘survey’. We are a fully tax-compliant entity, and will provide access to all appropriate financial documents. However, I have just spoken to the officer on my premises, one Mr Yadav, and requested him strongly to not try and pick up or see any other mail/document, which is likely to contain very serious/sensitive journalistic material. If they do that, then we shall seek extremely strong recourse.”

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