Noida Authority floats tender for a sterilisation programme

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Oct 12, 2018

In view of the recent spate of dog-bite cases and discontent brewing in high-rises over the matter, Noida Authority has floated a tender to rope in animal welfare organisations for a sterilisation programme that will aim for at least 750 dogs every month.

The organisation will also be responsible for immunisation of stray dogs in the city. The programme will be conducted as per the Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules, 2001.

The sterilisations will be done at a centre being set up in Sector 94, Noida. NGOs, animal welfare groups and private veterinary doctors, who are registered with the UP Veterinary Council, can apply for the programme.

The last date of application is October 17.

The applicants must have adequate staff (technical and non-technical) and vehicles for picking up and releasing the sterilised dogs on their home turf.

Sanjay Mahapatra, the founder of House of Stray Animals, an NGO, has welcomed the initiative. “The launch of birth control programme will curb the incidents of dog bites in many sectors. Several agencies should be hired for the proper and timely implementation of the exercise,” he said.

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