Why are residents of Crossings Republik miffed with broadband service providers?

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Oct 15, 2018

Residents of Crossings Republik are miffed with broadband internet service providers and the reason is not bad internet speed — they are angry over unannounced construction work that providers undertake to lay down underground cables.

“If any construction is going to take place, why are we never informed beforehand?” asked KC Pant, a resident of Cosmos Golden Heights.

He added that a few days back, the road between Cosmos Golden Heights and Dreamland Society was blocked as Jio, an internet service provider, was laying cables in the area.

The service provider barricaded the lane between both the societies, leading to traffic snarls in the area. 

Ishwar Tyagi, maintenance manager of Crossings Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (CIPL), the builder and maintenance agency of Crossings, said that it’s not possible for CIPL the to inform each society. 

 "We have over 30 societies. We can't inform all of them before some construction," Tyagi said.

Pant also complained that the apathetic attitude of service providers harms the roadside plants, as hedges are often cut off to make way.

Tyagi, however, countered the claim: "Just one or two rare incidents could have happened."

The manager of the service provider available on the site said everything was being done after taking permission from the CIPL.

Yogesh Gautam, resident of Gaur Global Village, pointed out that the absence of underground trenches and common utility pipe in the township led to such problems.

He added, “If we had the trenches, we would not have been facing such problems. While the township is touted as global destination, it lacks even these basic facilities.”

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