Noida Authority sanctions Rs 100 cr to interlink 12 power sub-stations

Posted: Oct 15, 2018

Aiming to cut down tripping and power outages in the city, the Noida Authority has decided to interlink 12 power sub-stations and spread new power lines in new sectors. For this the authority has sanctioned Rs 100 crore.

Power outages have become common in some areas because of technical glitches in the nearest sub-station.

The authority aims to interlink sub-stations so that even if there is a technical glitch in one mainline the power supply will remain uninterrupted from the other line.

Additional CEO, RK Mishra, said that the interlinking will be done in sub-stations Sector 63 E to Sector 63 G, Sector 79 to Sector 117, Sector 8 to Sector 25, Sector 58 to Sector 56 and Sector 11 to Sector 56. “We have also started spreading 33 KV power lines in Sector 83, Sector 82, Sector 93, Sector 142, Sector 137, Sector 153, Sector 108, etc.”

The electricity department had carried out a survey and after that it was felt that interlinking of 12 power sub-stations and spreading of new power lines in new sectors will drastically reduce tripping or outages, explained an official of Noida Authority. “As the budget has now been released, the work will soon be completed, and the city will get 24 hours of power supply,” added the official.

Meanwhile, the RWAs and residents have been demanding an increase in the number of transformers and even replacement in a few cases for some time now. Abhinav Singh, a resident of Sector 20 said that the transformer often gets damaged because of overloading, leading to 8 to 10 hours of outage.

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