Dusty service lane turns a nightmare for Ecovillage 2 residents in GreNo

Posted: Oct 16, 2018

The residents of Supertech Ecovillage 2 in Greater Noida are having a tough time these days getting in and out of their society because of high level of dust pollution on the service lane adjoining the petrol pump located near the society. The service road's pathetic condition, claim the residents, has made it a cause of worry for them as well as commuters.

The residents say that the level of dust in the area has become so high that they are finding it difficult to breathe while crossing the lane. Even the commuters are having a harrowing time as they can’t see properly through the dust, often leading to accidents in the area.

The residents said that they had earlier complained about the matter to Greater Noida Authority and even asked them to make a proper road but the 200 metres stretch continues to be a problem.

The residents have now registered a complaint on the online portal of the government. "We were assured by the officials of the authority that the lane would be repaired by January and we would finally be able to breathe in a dust-free environment. But nothing has been done till now,” said a resident.

When City Spidey contacted the officials of Uttar Pradesh Control Board, they said that they haven’t received any complaint till now but if they do, they will take action. On the other hand, Greater Noida Authority officials said that a tender to start the repair work of the road is in process and soon work will start here.

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