Noida: Rajnigandha, Atta Peer intersections to be closed; residents miffed

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Oct 17, 2018

The traffic police have requested Noida Authority to make arrangements to close the Rajnigandha and the Atta Peer intersections. Instead, they have asked to make two U-turns on the road below the Metro line.

The proposal was sent by the traffic police last week. Both the traffic police and the Noida Authority carried out the inspection at the spot on Wednesday.

However, the move has caused unrest among the market associations and residents who are complaining that the closing of the intersection will affect traffic movement towards Sector 18 and DND Flyway.

People from sectors 19, 12/22, 20 etc commute towards DND Flyway using the Rajnigandha intersection. They are complaining that the road has already become narrow because of the illegal parking at the spot. The traffic police have failed to restrict illegal parking at the spot.

A senior officer in traffic police said that due to these U-turns will ease the traffic from both the side.

“The process of making the U-turn is not the final decision and we are also looking for another option too,” the officer said.

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