PHOTO KATHA: Durga Puja concludes with Sindur Khela, idol immersion at Dwarka

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 19, 2018

The Durga Puja celebration concluded on Friday with the immersion of idols and the traditional ritual of Sindur Khela by the women from Bengali community in Dwarka.

The women offered sindur to Goddess Durga and applied it on each other at various places on Friday morning.

This year, the Durga Puja witnessed an amalgamation of traditional and folk art and culture performed by the residents of Dwarka and also the artists from Bengal and Bollywood.

At various places, Durga Puja was celebrated with religious and cultural fervour. At different Sectors, the puja was organised by community groups of Bengali people. 

Puja was organised by Dakshinayan Puja Committee, Aikotan Puja Committee, Deepanvita Puja Committee, Agomani Puja Committee, Dwarka Bangia Samaj and also at the Dwarka Kalibari.

Besides the puja celebration by Bengali Community in different sectors, three Ramleela were also staged across Dwarka. At all those three places, effigies of Ravana were also burnt. Not only this, but RWAs organised Ravana Dahan inside the societies.

Bengali women in traditional attire playing Sindur with each other at Dakshinayan apartments

Bengali community women ready to perform the ritual of Sindur at Aikotan

Community women at Sector 18 Crescent Apartment performing a ritual

Women posing for a photograph at Sector 22 Deepanvita Puja celebrations

Bengali community women dancing during Sindur Khela at Sector 6 Dwarka Bangia Samaj puja pandal

Some foreigners with community people enjoying feast at Aikotan Puja celebration at Sector 4

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