Residents join security guards of KW Srishti in Rajnagar Ext to demand arrears

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Oct 23, 2018

Beleaguered security guards of KW Srishti, a high-rise in Rajnagar Extension, led a protest yesterday evening in front of the society gate over non-payment of salaries for over three months now. Much to their surprise, over 300 residents came out in their support and joined the protest.

A resident of the society recalled, “We were coming out for a meeting at the clubhouse when we came to know that the guards are protesting at the gates. Maintenance staff brought them to the clubhouse from the gate and started to threaten them. Watching this, we got really angry and backed the guards.”

Residents and guards together started shouting slogans and demanded full payment of the arrears. Sensing the gravity of the situation, the maintenance staff called Sanjay Kesarwani, facility head of KW Srishti.

Meanwhile, someone dialled 100 and the police also arrived at the spot. “After much argument, we were given a month’s salary in cash,” said one of the guards, who refused to be named. 

Soon, the argument between residents and Kesarwani escalated into a brawl and the police had to intervene.

Sensing trouble, SHO Sanjay Kumar Pandey took Kesarwani with them and dropped him at a spot far from the society. “It was done to prevent further trouble,” he added.

The maintenance team also assured the guards that their arrears would be paid next month, but things remain doubtful. And with Diwali on the anvil, the guards need money.

“Diwali is approaching and we don’t want to go home empty handed,” a guard lashed out.

The society comprises 1,450 flats, and over 2,000 residents are currently living there. The maintenance is still under the builder.

City Spidey tried to contact Sanjay Kesarwani and members of the maintenance team today, but the calls went unanswered.

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