Indirapuram girl’s death: GDA VC orders new probe panel

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 23, 2018

Disappointed with the findings in the report of the committee formed earlier to probe the irregularities which led to the death of a 11-year-old girl after falling into an open drain outside Indirapuram's Pinnacle Tower, Vice Chairperson of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA), Kanchan Verma, ordered a new one to reinvestigate the case.

The previous committee headed by Officer on Special Duty (OSD), VK Singh had tabled a “single page” report to Verma on Monday.  In the report, the authority was given a clean chit and the child’s death was termed merely as an “accident”. It did not hold any official responsible for the mishap.

This hugely disappointed Verma as she ordered for a new committee. Verma wants names of all the officials and contractors who had ever been involved with the construction and maintenance of the drain.

“A physical verification of the project is necessary for each official concerned. I want the name on which I can take action of the negligence which led to death of a child. Whether it is an assistant engineer, junior engineer or even contractor,” she said.

She also admitted the case was a result due to the negligence from GDA’s end.

Speaking on findings of the report, OSD VK Singh said that prima facie, the incident appeared as a mere accident as a parapet wall was erected on road discourages people stepping on the drain. However, he could not clearly answer that even after erecting a parapet wall, why the gap was left uncovered?

“GDA is not responsible for the incident,” Singh later emphasized.  

The new committee will be a two-member team of Additional Secretary of GDA, CP Tripathi and Chief Engineer VN Singh.

Additionally, VC has also asked the new committee to prepare a report of all the blind spots and blind turns and pits in all the eight zones of GDA in Ghaziabad.

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