Resident lands in hot water for raising security lapses at Park Avenue

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Oct 24, 2018

A resident landed in the hot water for raising the complaint about security lapses and other issues at Park Avenue in Gaur City on Tuesday night. Following the complaint, a co-developer allegedly created ruckus at the society which left the other residents frightened.

The co-developer, Amit Gupta, barged into the society in a drunken state and started misbehaving with the security guards deployed at the gate. He hurled expletives at the security in-charge Rajveer when he refused to follow his instructions.

Gupta then asked Rajveer to call Gaurav Kumar, the same resident, who complained about the lapses in the society. The security guards then called on the intercom of Kumar.

“I deliberately did not pick up the call as I was aware of the situation at the gate. I wanted to avoid the altercation with the co-developer as he was heavily drunk at that time,” said Kumar.

When Kumar was asked about the reason for Gupta calling him, he said, “I am one of those who raised voice against lapses in the society. There are serious lapses in the security at the society. All four gates of the society remain open even in the night.”

“We raised this issue time and again with the management of the society. This was the reason he asked security guards to call me,” he added.

On Wednesday morning, Kumar shared on a society’s WhatsApp group, “At 11 pm, Gupta and his driver entered into the society in a drunken state. They manhandled with security in-charge Rajveer and then asked him to call me. They have been repeatedly doing this in the society.”

The security in-charge, Rajveer too confirmed the report.

Talking to City Spidey he said, “Gupta and his drivers have repeatedly misbehaved with us in a drunken state. It has been 3-4 times in last one year and a half. He would always say sorry on the next morning,” Rajveer said.

After knowing the midnight drama, residents of the society approached Bisrakh police station. The residents did not lodge any written complaint but narrated the entire story verbally to the police officials. “We heard both the parties here and the issue was resolved amicably. No written complaint was registered,” said, a senior police official at Bisrakh police station talking over the phone.

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