Yet another lift malfunction reported from Supertech Ecovillage in GreNo

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Oct 25, 2018

Two women living in Tower B2 of Supertech Eco Village, a high-rise society in Greater Noida, had a harrowing day today, as the lift suddenly stopped on the 14th floor for nearly half an hour.

The incident happened between 2.20 pm and 3.30 pm, and no maintenance work was going on at the time.

The two women — Akankasha Kamboj and Arunima Srivastava — live on the 20th and 17th floors of the tower, respectively.

After being stuck, the women made several calls to the maintenance department of the society, but no immediate response was to be had. Then one of them took a picture of themselves and forwarded it to another resident, Mritunjay Jha, of the same tower.

Jha said, “This is not the first time when residents of this tower faced such a harrowing time. Since I started living here two years back, several such incidents have been reported from this tower. In September, two women were injured in a lift malfunction. We have been requesting the management of the society to look into the matter, but they have not paid any heed to the issue.”

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