Society's diktat on pets compels Noida family to vacate rented flats

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 26, 2018

In a rather troubling incident, a family, residing along with their relatives in Lavanya Apartment's two separate flats for the past five years, has been asked by the managing committee of the society to either abandon their pet or leave the place. The family now has no other option than to choose the latter one.

When City Spidey contacted Abhisek Bhattacharya, the victim, and asked about the whole incident, he narrated, “Actually, we brought a three-month-old Labrador to our home, thinking that my mother-in-law, who lost her husband and remains depressed, would find a companion in him to spend some quality time. Everything was fine until a sweeper in the society one day saw the dog urinating on stairs outside our flats. Sweeper refused to clean that area which resulted in an argument between me and the sweeper following which the matter was escalated to the managing committee.”

Abhisek Bhattacharya, who works with the Delhi government’s Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) department and his wife Deepshikha, who is associated with a private firm in Noida, are living here as tenant since 2013. The couple lives in flat number B-6 whereas Deepshikha’s mother, Neelam Agrawal and two sisters reside in B-5.

 “Earlier, we were asked to vacate flat number B-6 as the flat owner said his daughter will be staying here. We requested him to give at least two months’ time to which he agreed. We somehow manage to get a flat in J block in the same society and were planning to shift there. But after this issue, landlord of that flat too got cautious and refused to give his flat to us on rent,” Abhisek said.

Abhisek, while stressing on the adamant behaviour shown by the managing committee also pointed out on society’s earlier notice which had no such rule.

When City Spidey asked the same question to the president of the society, TK Bera, he replied, “The notice which he is talking about was issued before 2016. Moreover, the decision of not allowing dog was taken in the general body meeting and that too with the consent of residents in majority. We were receiving complaints related to dog-biting in the society and hence the matter was discussed with all.”

Replying to another question on how the managing committee would justify that a family that was living for the past five years has been abruptly asked to leave the society because they have a pet dog, Bera vaguely said, “We are nobody to ask them to leave the society. We are just following the norms which are laid down by the residents.”


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