Pollution scare: Parents forced to take 14-month-old outside city on Diwali

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 30, 2018

It is quite discouraging how air pollution is affecting the lives of people in Delhi-NCR. The parents of a 14-months-old boy, who is suffering from bronchitis, have been forced to leave the city for this year’s Diwali.

The air quality has worsened in the last few days. It has already reached “severe” category.

The air quality is expected to further deteriorate on Diwali. The conditions in the national capital are not conducive to the boy, Samar Mathur. In fact, his parents fear that air pollution is life-threatening to the little child. The family lives at Sector 51 (Kendriya Vihar) in Noida.

The boy’s mother, Tripti Mathur said, “Although he had minor respiratory problems at birth, his situation was not this serious. He is facing difficulty in breathing for the last one week. We are constantly consulting doctors. We are forced to take him away from the city until the situation improves.”

She added that a doctor at Fortis Hospital advised them to take the child out of the city as it is very dangerous for him.

“We had planned to celebrate Diwali here at my home but the safety of my child is more important. I would take him to my native place Bulandshahr. I work with a private firm in Noida and have applied for leave for a month. I am thankful to my office for their cooperation,” she said.

City Spidey also spoke to the doctor Vivek Goswami who treated Sameer at Fortis Hospital (Noida).

Goswami told that there are many patients who are complaining breathing problems these days. Newly-born babies up to five-year-old, pregnant women and senior citizens are more vulnerable to the toxic air.

“Number of patients suffering from bronchitis or bronchial asthma has increased more than 10 times. Basically, pollutants damage the lungs, heart, kidney etc. I advise parents to avoid taking their children outside. They should avoid areas full of dust,” he said.

“People should wear N-95 mask only. Many parents asked me if they should go out of the city. But I don’t force them to do it. It is up to them because working parents have their own constraints,” he added.

Along with the national capital, the air quality in Noida and Greater Noida has also reached “severe” category. Noida and Greater Noida are witnessing pollution due to rapid building constructions, burning of brick kiln.

Vikrant Tongad, an environmentalist in Greater Noida said, “Construction works are rampant in both Noida and Greater Noida despite the high levels of air pollutions. Roads in Noida Extension area are full of dust. No water sprinkling is being done here.”

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