Water woes haunt Noida residents; crisis to linger post Diwali

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Oct 31, 2018

It is festive season but the residents of Noida are facing a harrowing time as they are forced to bear annual water crisis along with the ever-increasing pollution.

According to the officials of Noida Authority, the problem of water shortage is going to persist beyond Diwali as the cleaning exercise is going to continue till November 9.  As a temporary arrangement, the authority is supplying drinking water to residents and industrial units through tankers.

Presently, the total demand of water in Noida is 332 MLD (million litres per day). The authority supplies 56 per cent Ganga water and 44 per cent groundwater.  However, the officials said the drinking water supply is affected only in a few areas.

“We provide 30 tankers daily to supply drinking water to the areas where residents complain of low water supply," SC Arora, senior project engineer who heads the water department of the Noida Authority, said.

Whereas, S N Pandey, a resident of Sector 41, complained of getting filthy water supply.

 “Even the little amount water which we are getting these days is dirty most of the time. Like every year, we are compelled to buy packaged water. Moreover, the Noida Authority charges money from the residents to supply this dirty and some time low pressure water,” Pandey stated.

As a normal practice, the Uttar Pradesh’s irrigation department, every year during autumn, suspends Ganga water supply for about a month to remove silt.  This year, the department concerned on October 7 started the annual cleaning of silt in the upper Ganga water canal that supplies drinking water to Noida and Ghaziabad.

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