Diwali melas in Dwarka turn into tools of awareness

A Diwali mela in progress
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Nov 01, 2018

While Diwali melas have always been an intrinsic part of festivities around this time, these meeting grounds will serve a special purpose this year. Residents are being made aware about the SC directives on bursting of green crackers and the time-frames.    

Even RWA teams, along with police officials, are connecting with people, setting up meetings to ensure that the directives see implementation.

President of Ram Krishna Apartments in Sector 23, Kamlakar Darbari, said, “Our members are organising meetings — going door-to-door. We are also organising a Diwali mela this Sunday to make people aware about the SC directives. We sincerely want a green Diwali!”

The police too have been using these RWA meetings as a platform to create awareness. One such meeting was recently organised at Ashirvad Apartments in Sector 16B.

RWA general secretary, Ramesh Mumukshu, said, “We want people to realise the importance of the directives — the positive impact they’ll have on environment.”

Societies that do not organise Diwali melas are putting up circulars on notice boards; interacting through various internal WhatsApp groups.

President of Brahma Apartments in Sector 7, Indramani Mishra, said, “This year we are not organising a Diwali mela, but we are taking steps to sensitise people on the importance of supporting a green Diwali.”

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