Gurgaon girl spreading ‘Green Diwali’ message through handmade soaps!
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Gurgaon girl spreading ‘Green Diwali’ message through handmade soaps!

Product owner of Soap Dynamics, Aditi Prakash, believes that skin is a much underrated organ of the body even though it covers the largest area and so is the Mother Earth!

Gurgaon girl spreading ‘Green Diwali’ message through handmade soaps!

Diwali, the festival of lights, is round the corner! Many of us have already decided and some, like me, are still looking for gifts for near and dear ones. Things available in the market like pots, utensils, chocolates, candles have become passé whereas sweets, one of the most widely distributed and shared gift during this season, are out of the list - thanks to the soaring prices and various health concerns.

Well, I stay in one of the high-rise apartments in Indirapuram and here, all the families like good old days, greet and gift loved ones on this occasion. My quest made me look for some worthy options online and while searching for it, I met a young girl named Aditi Prakash. Her suggestion made me wonder why I cannot be innovative this Diwali and give handmade soaps as gifts for its utility value and eco-friendliness.

So, shunning all the usual things available in the market, I decided to opt for a unique product called Soap Dynamics.

Soap Dynamics, is an year-old homemade and handmade soap product, promoted by Aditi Prakash. She stays in one of the high-rises of Gurgaon and manages her business from Uppal Southend.

When I asked her about the concept and the reason behind starting such work, she said, “Soaps leave a lot of chemical residue in the water as they are used for hand washing, bathing etc every day. The societies, apartments and municipalities where we stay do not have proper sewage treatment plants and all this contaminated water flows through drains and hence pollutes the river. Think! This is a regular activity in most of the households and by humans. So soaps made of natural ingredients like lavender, honey, cocoa, milk, saffron and papaya will not just add value to your skin and personal beauty but will help in protecting the environment.”

Aditi added saying, “I believe that skin is a much underrated organ of the body even though it covers the largest area. It is exposed to various harsh conditions and chemically-laden soaps. That is why I opted to give some care to it and indulged in making these handmade soaps in small batches at my home using natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables which not only cleanse the skin properly but also nourish it. These soaps are completely safe for all skin types and even for babies.”

She believes that handmade things are not mass commodities but an essential part of our daily lives.

“I feel any handmade product is more about what is being offered and how the end users are taking it. Customers' feedback is the main inspiration and motivation to come up with new ideas and improve flaws,” says Aditi.

Along with her regular studies, she is busy promoting her product as it is more about making people aware of clean and green environment.

Her objective is to provide employment to rural women as she encourages them to get trained in the art of soap-making.

Well, I have opted for her ‘green’ handmade soaps as Diwali gifts. How about you?